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Listening to the timbre of the conversations at the Dane County Farmers Market, one of the largest in the country, you’d think the topic was vaccination or Gaza. “What exactly is in this scone?” “Are your emus happy? How much space do they have to roam free?” “When you say ‘flour’ on the label, what kind of flour is that?”

Yet food pantries remain full of the same canned pumpkin and expired boxed meals they always have. Obese people are shamed and told what to eat, while people deemed skinny enough to have an eating disorder are also shamed for not taking care of their “health.” There is a serious disconnect here that should tell anyone who’s paying attention that this is not about justice or health in any form––it is about vanity.

When asking the server how the animal being served was prepared, no one seems to wonder whether that server has basic health insurance or whether that server is affected by the fact that the restaurant industry has one of the highest rates of sexual harassment and lowest rates of pay. When waxing poetic about the “salt of the Earth” farmers from which they buy their unpasteurized milk, no one seems to worry that an estimated 10 percent of American farm workers are children. When pearl-clutching over the things we “don’t know” about GMOs, as Kavin pointed out, no one seems to be concerned about their presence in groceries found at Price Rite––only products sold at Whole Foods.

If you are not as concerned about the people handing you your food in the restaurant as you are about the pigs on the farm where it was grown, your approach is classist….If you start telling someone all about your new trendy diet or asking them about theirs without knowing if they have an eating disorder that may be triggered by your prattle, your approach is ableist. If you tsk-tsk at people who are overweight for what they are eating and claim you’re concerned about their health, yet you’re not actively campaigning to make healthy food more accessible and affordable, your approach is sickening and I don’t want you in my activism.

Skepchick | Food is for White Liberals What Sex Is For The Religious Right (via brutereason)

the word is fat, not obese


Watch the trailer for M.I.A.’s controversial unreleased documentary before it’s pulled from the internet again. Reblog the shit out of this.


4,313 plays January 1979 mewithoutYou Catch for Us the Foxes


January, 1979, saw a terrible crash and I couldn’t help but laugh.


i have a friend who has been taking birth control since she was 12 because she’s anemic and if she didn’t take it she would bleed out excessively during her period and end up in the hospital

dont fucking tell me that birth control isn’t crucial to people

my polycystic ovarian syndrome is so severe that without birth control, my hormones get completely out of control & my hair falls out & I don’t eat or sleep. without birth control regulating my hormones, I would have a much smaller chance of being able to have a baby in the future. do not ever tell me to just  ~trust the moon~ no coporate mediiddidcin in the bodieeeeeeeeeees ~ try sumthin elsss~ fuck you pay me


"theft is for scum" nice opinion whered u get it, the cop store

Well, once again, it’s just you and me, listeners. The bustle of this day has come and gone, and now there is the quiet night. The universe is unraveling, it still is. We won the day, we won the battle, we won whatever unit of measurement you care to say that we won. We returned to the dangerous equilibrium we had before, which we can only assume, or hope, or wish is better.

But, of course, we did not stop the unraveling of the universe. The universe is not a thing that is, it is not a thing at all. It is the very action of its going, it is in fact it’s own dissolves. And our lives, the entire span of human existence going back and back, and - if we are lucky - forward and forward, the entire span is spent within this dissolve.

So look at the fleeting stars with fleeting eyes, and feel how the earth beneath you gives. It is all a temporary manifestation of particles and it is all unraveling back to particulate silence. The bustle of the human day will come and will go. And then there will be night.

But, how beautiful these moments within the dissolve, what a temporary perfection we confined within this passing world. Everything good ever done, everything good that was done today, and all the good people doing it, and back and back and forward and forward. All of that beauty within a universe unraveling. Be proud of your place in the cosmos. It may be small, and yet it is. How unlikely. How fantastic. And stupid. And excellent.

Cecil saying some really beautiful shit (via kexatnobody)



Protesters from across St Louis turned up and turned out for the first St Louis County Council Meeting since Mike Brown’s Death. (Part I)

The St Louis County Council wasn’t as bad as Ferguson’s Council, but still very few answers and virtually no accountability from the folks who unleashed unholy hell on the residents of Ferguson, following Brown’s murder. #staywoke #farfromover


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